Heart to Heart is about sharing meaningful Jewish experiences with your peers. The majority of Jews on your campus probably won’t be involved in the Jewish community, and we believe you have a unique opportunity to share the beauty of Jewish life with them. We can provide funding, training, and inspiration for you to run Shabbat and holiday meals with your peers on campus. In the past 7 years, students have run over 800 H2H meals on over 100 campuses around the world, together reaching over 10,000 students and connecting them to meaningful Jewish life and vibrant communities.

Host a Meal

How it works:


Sign up to become a Host

We provide you with support, planning and funding.

Invite your guests

50% of the attendees must be people who don’t normally celebrate Shabbat.


Email us

at least a week
before your dinner

Host your meal

We pick up the tab (up to $10/person, 20 people total)

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