Israel Gap Year Leadership Course

We engage and train the most talented and motivated students in Israel on how to be campus leaders. The course focuses on understanding the campus environment, developing practical leadership skills, mastering peer-to-peer engagement and developing each student’s unique vision for campus engagement, programming and involvement. We believe that campus leadership is based on personal relationships and that leadership training must empower students to transform their daily interactions with peers through finding common ground, developing relationships and working together to create a vibrant Jewish community on campus. In addition, we train students to utilize existing frameworks such as Hillel, Shabbat dinners and existing Jewish learning opportunities while also feeling empowered to develop their own ideas and use their talents to create new opportunities for engagement.

Topics include:
• Redefining leadership: transformation through personal connection
• How to tell your story
• Jewish identity in the American context
• Finding common ground
• Reimagining Jewish life on campus
• Creative problem solving and team building
• How to run a program on campus
• How to run a peer-led Shabbat dinner