Most of us have experienced intense moments of prayer scattered over the course of our lives. Perhaps in a moment of great need, of overwhelming gratitude, or a sudden consciousness of awe in the face of the natural world and all its power. The goal of this chabura is to identify five basic techniques at the heart of prayer and, following in the footsteps of Rav Menachem Mendel, to develop them by working on (very) small focused units. Participation in the chabura requires a commitment to doing an exercise of five minutes, twice a week, and meeting five times over the semester to discuss.

Rabbi Joshua Weisberg, Director of Nishmat’s Shana Ba'Aretz program, moved to Israel in the late 80's after studying at Wesleyan University. He spent the following ten years immersed in intensive Talmud study in Israeli yeshivot - Or Etzion and Beit Morasha. Rabbi Weisberg has a Masters degree in Jewish history, and wrote an award-winning thesis on the political thought of Rabbi Asher ben Yechiel. Rabbi Weisberg teaches his students to ask themselves how their Torah learning can change them, and how they are growing in their own spiritual and ethical lives.