A 3-day retreat devoted to the practice of prayer, the power of language and our inner selves.

Supported by The Harry and Jane Fischel Foundation


Where: Kfar Etzion

When: Dec 31-Jan 2

Cost: $100, need-based aid available

All food and lodging provided

Open to all English speaking college students (men and women), space is limited

Rav Dov Zinger is founder and head of the Beit Midrash leHitchadshut, a center whose goal is to reawaken spiritual vitality and soulful educational practice in Israeli institutions across the religious-secular spectrum. The Beit Midrash leHitchadshut trains and mentors over 40 prayer chaburot currently running in Israel; their tefilla training program currently works with over 70 Israeli schools; and hundreds of people attend Rav Zinger’s rosh chodesh tefilla and full moon events. The Beit Midrash leHitchadshut brings people into prayer through conversation, interactive dialogue, and meditation and seeks to empower the development of an inner spiritual consciousness in a way that is open and integrative - engaging the world at large.

Rav Dov Zinger

Rav Dov Zinger