AJ Goldsman and Asher Naghi, second-year fellows at UCLA, Facilitator of Finance Committee:

Participating in the Yavneh Fellowship has expanded our horizons. Already, we have had the opportunity to pitch a company, meet an incredible group of peers, and implement substantive programing on our campus. We expect Yavneh will continue to push us to meaningfully change the world around us.

Charlotte Guedaliah, second-year fellow at Drexel, Facilitator of National Board:

Yavneh has provided me with the opportunity to build a community of Jewish students from across the country. It’s been great being a part of a group of individuals devoted to helping their communities while sharing their insights on a larger scale.

Julia Book, second-year fellow at UChicago, Facilitator of National Board:

Yavneh has introduced me to some of my favorite people in college, and given me the opportunity to help them, and for them to help me, get the infrastructure we need for Jewish life on our campuses. Aside from all the fun I've had, being part of Yavneh has been one of the most meaningful parts of my college experience so far. I'm excited to see what's still to come!

Jacob Mitrani, second-year fellow at Cornell, Facilitator of Mentorship Committee:

Yavneh has provided me with the opportunity to meet some really incredible people around the country. This network has inspired me to better Jewish life on my campus.

Danielle Kinches, first-year fellow at Binghamton:

Yavneh has given me the opportunity to see the potential of the Jewish community on my campus and a network of other passionate, motivated and thoughtful students.

Rachelli Weiss, second-year fellow at FIT:

The training and support I’ve received as well as the funding from Yavneh’s generous donors has allowed me to really test the limits of my potential as a student leader on campus and it’s proven extremely successful. It’s important to me that I’m apart of an organization where I can make the changes and I am the one in charge of my own initiatives - it’s something different than I’ve ever been apart of and has been a huge step in helping me to actualize my future goals. And it’s because of these reasons why I’m proud to have been apart of Yavneh from its very start.

Yakir Zwebner, second-year fellow at UChicago, Facilitator of National Recruitment and Marketing:

Being a yavneh fellow is a tremendously rewarding and empowering experience. It provides for me a network of like-minded leaders to help support me in the programs I run, resources to back those programs, and a whole lot of role models to help inspire those programs. It means perpetuating a movement of builders hoping to forward the Jewish cause across campuses far and wide; and it means representing Am Yisrael as a leader hoping to bring us all closer together and hopefully bring mashiach speedily in our days

Hannah G Siegel, second-year fellow at Binghamton,  Facilitator of National Recruitment and Marketing:

Yavneh creates a supportive and creative community of passionate college students. Beyond the resources Yavneh provides us, it connects us to one another. True Jewish leadership should be focused on the unity of our people, and the Yavneh network is what creates that energy. It is a blessing and a privilege to be a founding member of this dynamic group.