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Made by students, run by students, for students


  • 5-week intercollegiate Torah partner learning program. 

  • Get matched up with a fellow 25er (Learning Partner) 

  • Learn together for 25 minutes a week for five weeks 

  • Chance to win $25 Amazon gift card each week!

  • $250 Amazon Gift card grand prize Raffle for those who complete all five weeks

  • Opportunity to explore your Jewish Identity, Jewish Heritage, and Jewish texts with Jewish students your own age.

P.S.  Commitment to all 5 weeks not necessary



  • Sign up below via our short form 

  • We will set you up with a 25er who best suits your interests

  • Connect with your 25er to find a good time to learn

  • Feel free to connect over the phone, Whatsapp, Skype/Face-time or any other social media outlet

  • You will receive an email every Sunday with a quick form to let us know you completed your 25 minutes and enter the Raffle 


  • Our goal is to connect Jewish College students from Universities across America, England, and Israel, to learn together and from each other’s unique backgrounds and Jewish Experience 


  • Sunday October 27th till Sunday November 25th                                        

  • Deadline to sign up: October 25th

(If you have less of a background in Judaism and are nervous about what or how to learn, we can set you up with a 25er who has more of a background to explore with!) 

P.P.S. Don’t want to do it alone? Do it with a friend! Just fill out the form below with both of your information.

Questions or comments? please contact:


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