Sharing Shabbat all across America

Supported by The Harry and Jane Fischel Foundation

  • Inter-collegiate shabbatons on campuses around the country

  • Expanding Jewish involvement and connections

  • Peer-led Shabbats filled with singing, eating and joy

The Yavneh Campus Shabbat Project, founded by Yakir Zwebner (University of Chicago) and Neima Pollak (Stern College), is an effort to share the joy and connection of the Shabbat experience with students and campus communities across North America. The idea is simple: Students from all over the country coming together to share shabbat and build community on different campuses nationwide.

We aim to:

  • Help campus communities build their shabbat environment and programming

  • Expand Jewish involvement

  • Make connections between like minded jewish college students

  • Recruit students to get involved in Yavneh

Let us know if you'd like to host or join us for Shabbat!

Email Yakir or Neima