Yavneh's Mission

Yavneh aims to develop student leadership on campuses nationwide by…

Pushing students to invest in their campus communities and beyond

Fostering student leadership and providing those leaders with the resources they need to develop and maintain Jewish religious programming on campus

Facilitating a national/global network of Orthodox campus leaders to foster inter-campus cooperation in the Jewish community

Supporting initiatives for shabbat life, kosher food, and Jewish learning opportunities for all skill sets on campuses nationwide

...with the goal of creating sustainable Orthodox Jewish life.

Yavneh's Core Values

Chessed - Yavneh Fellows pursue acts of kindness both small and large.

Israel - Yavneh Fellows value Israel as critical to their Jewish identity.

Torah Learning - Yavneh Fellows view Torah learning as the means to living an engaged Jewish life.

Shabbat - Yavneh Fellows are committed to creating a Shabbat environment that encourages introspection, relaxation and joy.

Love of God - Yavneh Fellows strive for joy in Judaism, committed to living a life manifest with the love of God.

Love of All Jews - Yavneh Fellows value the diversity of the Jewish people and welcome people of all backgrounds.