What is the Yavneh Fellowship?

The Yavneh Fellowship provides college students with training, resources and leadership opportunities to empower them to build religious communities and Jewish life on campus.

Sharing Jewish life

  • Hosting Shabbat meals

  • Learning and sharing Torah

  • Israel-related activities and programming

  • Creating and hosting events

  • Participating in national student initiatives

Leadership Network

  • Inter-collegiate Shabbatons and leadership conferences throughout
    the year

  • Student-run national board

Personal Growth

  • Individual mentoring and support

  • Group webinars and training

Winter Break in Israel

  • Yavneh Israel retreat

  • A chance to study in midrasha/yeshiva

  • Connecting with other campus leaders

Is Yavneh on My Campus?

Yavneh Fellows are a group of passionate and inspired student leaders committed to building and sharing Jewish life on campuses around the world. Join us!

small and mighty

These are campuses with smaller Jewish communities with less religious infrastructure. Yavneh fellows on these campuses focus on building religious community, infrastructure and a vibrant Jewish life.


Campuses with an OU/JLIC program are generally larger Jewish communities with a more developed religious infrastructure. Yavneh fellows on these campuses serve as leaders in their religious communities and share Jewish life with the broader Jewish community.


Yavneh fellows at YU/Stern have a number of leadership options and opportunities: building Jewish life on their campus and sharing Jewish life with peers on other campuses.


What's the Commitment?

Our commitment to each Fellow:

  • $500 stipend towards a winter break trip to Israel

  • Access to campus programming funds

  • Access to additional grants for larger programs

  • Ongoing training, mentorship and support

  • Inter-collegiate shabbatons and leadership conferences

Your commitment:

  • Winter break in Israel, including attendance at the Yavneh retreat

  • Attending fall and spring Yavneh shabbatons

  • Ongoing mentoring and training workshops

  • Building Jewish life on your campus!


  • The fellowship will be tailored to suit each campus and fellow individually.