March Mitzvah Madness: Making our community a better place one action at a time

This March, join us in making our community at ASU a better place by performing Mitzvot: acts of love and kindness. It's simple: come to our Mitzvah events (schedule below) and/or perform Mitzvot on your own. Post pictures of yourself with the hashtags #MarchMitzvahMadness #ASU #NCJ. You accumulate points: 5 points for each event that you attend and 1 point for each additional Mitzvah that you do.

You can win awesome Swag and a FREE TRIP TO ISRAEL!

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  • Create consistency in any Mitzvah that we take upon ourselves (daily or weekly)
  • Personalization – What works for you?
  • Create Shabbat - Dos and Don'ts


  • Pictures posts on Shabbat do not count (take pictures and post before or after Shabbat)
  • To receive points, all posts require Hashtags: #MarchMitzvahMadness #ASU #NCJ
  • All mitzvot are 1 point, all group events are 5 points.

Me-to-G-d Mitzvot

Washing Hands (Netillat Yadayim)

Learn about the Mitzvah of Tefilin

Put tefillin on once/once a week/once a day (except Shabbat)  

Learn about the Mitzvah of Tzitzit

Wear Tzitzit

Make Havdalah

How to perform Havdalah at

Torah Study class (JAC/Chabad, & Hillel and Matan)

Attend a Shabbat meal

JAC Hosts a Shabbat dinner every Friday night 7:30pm and Shabbat lunch every Saturday at 1pm JAC House is located at  69 w 13th Street, Tempe, AZ 85281.

Hillel Student center hosts a Shabbat Dinner every Friday night at 6pm Hillel is located at 1012 S Mill Ave, Tempe AZ 85281.

Chabad hosts a Shabbat dinner every Friday night at 7:30pm at the Chabad house located at 971 S Ash Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281 

Learn about the Mitzvah of eating kosher

Eat a Kosher snack

For a list of kosher snacks go to

Eat a Kosher meal

Chick-in is a kosher restaurant on campus at ASU that even accepts M&G

Prayer/speaking to God in your own words

Learn about the Mitzvah of Mezuzah

Put up a Mezuzah on your door

Make blessings over food/drink

Wear a kippah for the day

Light Shabbat Candles

Recite the Kiddush prayer at your Friday night or Saturday Shabbat lunch meal

Shema Once in morning/once at bedtime/both

Say the Modeh Ani prayer in the morning when you wake up  

Recite the Grace after meals prayer

Me-to-Others Mitzvot

Give Tzedakah (Charity) or Give out food to homeless people

Volunteer at a shelter/soup kitchen

Social work / Tikkun Olam

Hold a Jewish event in your home: A purim party, Shabbat meal, Jewish social event

Helping other people to perform their own Mitzvahs

Torah Study (Chevruta Learning Torah with a friend or Rabbi/Rebetzen)  

To get a one-on-one learning session on campus, contact one of the following:
JAC – Rabbi Mitch Goldstein

JAC – Chana Goldstein

Chabad – Rabbi Shmuel Tiechtel

Chabad – Rebetzen Chana Tiechtel

Chabad – Rabbi Mendy Rimler

Respect parents /elders by calling your parents and telling them how much you love and appreciate them

Volunteer at an elderly care home

Love your neighbor/friend as yourself by:

Not speaking gossip for one hour/ one day or more

Returning a lost object

Offering someone a ride

Holding the door for another

Sharing a smile or words of encouragement

Expressing your appreciation for another person

Help the sick by:

Making a meal for someone who is ill  

Visiting a sick person

Getting swabbed for Gift of Life

Donating blood 

Mitzvah of protecting animals: Volunteer at an animal shelter 

Save a life by donating blood